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Tapeley Park
North Devon
EX39 4NT

pumpkin in ground at Tapeley Park

The Walled Kitchen Garden

The walled kitchen garden is all that now remains of a once extensive market garden, which provided vegetables and farm produce not only for the house, but also the Saunton Sands Hotel and the Marine Hotel on the Quay at Instow. The Head Gardener was not only expected to supply the usual carrots, potatoes, peas and beans etc, but was also expected to provide the kitchen with a succession of delicacies including herbs and salads all the year round, as well as succulent peaches and grapes well ahead of anybody else.

Many of the old varieties of fruit trees have survived the passage of time and still thrive today in the sheltered, fertile environment. For example, greengages, plum and many varieties of pear trees, such as Pitmaston Duchess, cover the walls. However, old varieties of apple trees are the most apparent. These include Lady Stucley, John Standish, Lanes Prince Albert and many more The Greenhouse, spanning the whole length of the vegetabvle garden, was built in the early 1930's, just before Lady Rosamund died. It was rebuilt in the 1950's and again in 2011. Althought the concrete ribs are curved, the glass is not, which means the panes are easily replaced when they crack, but are far from draught proof. Furnaces, beneath the greenhouse, used to feed into large cast iron pipes around the walls. It was the lot of thje newest and youngest garden boy to keep the two furnaces stoked, using about two tons of coal for six weeks' warmth. However, today witih the refurbishment taking place other more ecologically friendly plans are afoot, as mentioned, to keep the worst of the frost at bay.




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