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Tapeley Park
North Devon
EX39 4NT

steps to lower terrace at Tapeley Park

Gardens and Terraces

The Gardens at Tapeley Park are a magical balance of nature and nurture. From the formal terraces to the natural grace of the Lake, it feeds the spirit and cleanses the heart of all who see it and experience its beauty. With thoughtful woodland walks, abundant organic vegetable gardens and surprising animal encounters, a day at Tapeley Park is truly a day to remember.

The Terraces are one of Tapeley Park's oldest and best known features. Hand dug, the south facing walls and sheltered borders created by the terracing are full of semi-tropical and tender flowers rarely seen in the UK.

The top terrace is a masterpiece of crumbling splendour. Choose your entrancement from the array of fairy-tale portals: a tiny cobbled gap in the hedge; between ivy-covered obelisks and lichen-dappled statues; down long steps through a tunnel of palms and exotic foliage. From the ornate Shepherd Shed at one end to the evergreen Lovers Tunnel at the other and its hidden stone seat, romance and magic are in the air.

The smallest of the three, the middle terrace is all about plants, its yellow and blue borders punctuated by huge, barrel shaped hedge trees in the centre. At the western end, the bottom of the evergreen tunnel comes out to a vista of the bottom terrace.

On the lowest and largest terrace, a sense of enchanted sleep is in the air, the wide lawn edged with topiary, occasional crumbling statues, the folly known as The Toot could be the resting place of many a sleeping princess, and beyond the half-moon pond a stairway up to a hedge-framed doorway tempting you away into the magnificent trees beyond. When the sun so long has been shining down that the happy smile turns to sweaty frown then you know its time for tea and cakes or a trip to the gift shop.

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