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The momentum against Genetically Modified food and crops is growing FAST. Our own MP’s are speaking out at last, and support is coming from across the world against the ‘shameful’ Rothampstead Research (the once reputable plant breeding institution until they ‘sold their soul’ to the big Biotech Industries). The claim by Rothamsted in last week’s Guardian that the pollen from GM wheat is ‘heavy’ and will only travel a few metres and will stop short of a 12 metre ‘buffer zone’ is an utter lie:

• Birds, bees, wind etc WILL carry GM pollen and contaminate our precious native grass species with potential God foresaken consequences. • Zac Goldsmith MP asserts that the GM agenda is “nothing to do with feeding the world . . .It’s about control of the food sector, of the food economy. We need to radically change course . .”

• We do not know if putting a pig gene or synthetic cow gene (as happened in this GM wheat trial plot) is safe to eat. There have been no independent trial tests. • Even US and Canadian farmers, who grow GM rape and maize (and are now seriously regretting it – see online short ) have said NO to GM cereals. • We don’t need it – we already have effective, safe, non GM ways to protect crops ( for more on this).

• “250,000 Indian farmers have commited suicide in India from growing GM” a/c to Vandana Shiva in the latest Resurgence magazine. This because it doesn’t work, the ‘terminator’ gene and spiralling costs.

• The Gaia Foundation and African Biodiversity Network support the call from ‘taketheflourback’. Gathuru Mburu, Coordinator of the ABN will be speaking at the rally on 27th May about how GM fails in their claims of ‘pest resistance’ and destroys biodiversity. Plus there will be music and entertainment for families.

• The taketheflourback demonstration has ‘gone viral’ around the world. There is global interest in how UK activists and public (who have successfully kept GM out these past 15 years) deal with this latest high profile problem. As such, if we are successful, this could be the catalyst that starts the demise of Monsanto (makers of Agent Orange), Bayer, Syngenta and the rest.

• Take a train, bus, hitch . . . but please come to Rothamsted on May 27th for midday at Harpendon village in Herts just north of London. Circulate this e-mail to your friends and family. It is our SACRED RIGHT TO CHOSE THE FOOD WE EAT – GM DEPRIVES US OF THIS.

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